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Rachelle Friesen



Caldwell, Cleveland Blvd- Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care, & Pharmacy



Education  MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner from Maryville University

Clinical Interests  I believe that affordable access to all forms of healthcare builds healthier individuals, healthier families, healthier relationships, and, in return, healthier communities. I love being able to put my heart and soul into medicine and the care that people receive. I strongly believe in advocating for my patients and put them at the forefront of the care I provide. I have had a wide variety of clinical experience (almost 20 years in healthcare), much of which I owe to my prior nursing experience in acute care, ranging from post-abdominal surgeries, emergency room nursing (where I obtained many different certifications in advanced life support, trauma, and emergency pediatric nursing), along with years in inpatient psychiatric care (ranging from inpatient rehabilitation, acute psychiatric hospitalizations for both teens and adults). I had the opportunity to work in family practice in my home community back in Southeastern Idaho at another CHC along with urgent care practice; I am elated to be able to provide both acute and chronic care to our community in Caldwell at Terry Reilly.

About Me 

I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling to different places with them. We enjoy camping and spending much time outdoors- bring on the snow and sunshine. I love them both! I truly enjoy learning about everything- I would like to be a polyglot and master a few other languages so I can connect with more people in their native language.

Specialties and Services Urgent Care

Family Medicine

Care of Acute & Chronic Conditions


Medication Prescriptions 

Patient Categories







Migrant Health

Care of people experiencing homelessness


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