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Support Better Health for All

Terry Reilly Health Services meets patients where they are – financially, physically, and culturally. Our care is never influenced by how much money our patients make, what language they speak or the status of their insurance coverage. With your support, Terry Reilly Health Services can continue to help those most in need throughout our area.


Every gift to Terry Reilly Health Services makes Southwest Idaho a healthier and more inclusive community.  Join us in making high-quality healthcare accessible to all.

Happy Family

Your Donation Makes an Immediate Impact

What your generous support did this year:

  • Provided $11,058,893 in Sliding Fee Discounts

  • Provided $139,347 in services through the Patient Assistance Fund

  • Provided comprehensive health care to 35,299 patients (56% were uninsured)

  • Delivered 25,308 dental visits to 9,864 patients

  • Served 3,423 homeless adults and children through our clinics in Boise and Nampa

  • Treated 1,262 patients overcoming the trauma of physical and sexual abuse

Donor Levels

Corporate & Individual donations of $250 or more are recognized in our Annual Report, all other donations, including in-kind donations, are recognized in our quarterly newsletters.

$5,000 +
$500 – 999
$2,500 – 4,999
$100 – 499
$1,000 – 2,499
Up to $99

“Many patients have told me that they are ashamed to come in because they have no money to pay. It’s hard for them to face emotional collapse when someone asks them for payment; they’d rather do without the healthcare. Families should not have to choose between food and healthcare.

Dr. Bob Lebow

Inspiration for Terry Reilly’s Patient Assistance Fund

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