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Board of Directors

To ensure we are meeting the needs of our patients and communities, a majority of Terry Reilly’s Board of Directors is made up of Terry Reilly patients. To that end, more than half of our Board members are active consumers of our services. The Board of Directors sets policy and budgets for the corporation and determines the strategic goals of the organization.


Chuck Knox



Roger Aguilar

Past Chairperson

Deborah Troncal Web Size.png

Deborah Troncale



Marisol Cervantes


Suzanne Johnson Websize 2.png

Suzanne Johnson



Deanna Watson

Vice Chairperson

Anon Yarbrough Web Size.png

Anon Yarbrough


Erik Johnson Web Size.png

Erik Johnson


Rachelle Couch Web Size.png

Rachel Couch, LPC


Charles Chodroff Websize (2).png

Charles Chodroff, MD, MBA, FACP



Delgadillo-Reilly ED., LCPC

Lifetime Director


Bob Eldredge, PhD



John Kriz, DDS



Silvia Morrow


Want to Serve on the Board?

Our Board of Directors’ Nominating Committee meets on a routine basis to consider current or potential vacancies on the Board. Our Nominating Committee works to recruit and nominate individuals who can serve as good representatives of our patient population.

If you are interested in serving on the board, you should submit a volunteer application. The completed application will be given to the Nominating Committee for consideration. If there is not a current opening, your application will be kept on file as a potential candidate in case a spot on the Board becomes available. A Board member will contact you directly to explore the opportunity, if they feel you would be a good candidate for the Board.

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