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About Us

Our Mission

As a community health center with deep roots in the Treasure Valley, we are dedicated to providing affordable, accessible, comprehensive care to meet the needs of the community.

Our Vision

Our Core Values

Social Justice

We will assure equal access to affordable health and wellness services to address health disparities and the impact of social injustices creating health equity for all.

Our medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmacy professionals work together to ensure no person or health issue goes unnoticed so we can all benefit from a healthy, thriving community.

Terry Reilly Health Services strives to provide high-quality, accessible health care at a cost that is affordable to every family in the Treasure Valley. As a community health center, we serve Southwest Idaho with locations in  Ada, Canyon, and Owyhee counties. We believe in a healthcare system that ensures care for the whole person, which is why Terry Reilly operates clinics with integrated services. This enables doctors, dentists, counselors and pharmacists to work together under one roof to provide the best care in a Patient Centered Medical Home. 


The staff of Terry Reilly Health Services aims to provide a positive patient experience in which each individual receives the healthcare that they need. As an organization, we know that healthcare isn’t always affordable. This is why it’s our mission to manage the cost of healthcare for individuals and families throughout our communities, regardless of income or insurance status. We accept all insurance and also have a sliding fee scale for those who are uninsured or underinsured.


The vision and policy that has allowed Terry Reilly Health Services to increase services every year since the opening our opening is stronger than ever. What began in 1971 to help a small group of children is now series of community health clinics providing quality services to close to 40,000 patients annually.


Our Story

The legacy of Terry Reilly began and grew in response to a need found in a small group of children and their families in the Seasonal Farmworker population of Nampa, Idaho. Many of these farmworkers lived in sub-standard conditions and had limited access to healthcare and other social services.

Terry Reilly was sent to Nampa by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise to help provide services to the farmworker community. Working out of a large renovated house which he named the Gente House (House of the People), Terry began to research and address some of the needs of the community. Gente House quickly became a neighborhood center for children, providing a tutoring program created by Terry himself. Terry began to notice that many of these children who came for tutoring seemed to have chronic conditions that were being ignored. He filled the need by convincing a local pediatrician named Dr. Clarence McIntyre to volunteer his services and open a clinic in the back of Gente House. Dr. McIntyre agreed and the clinic was opened on May 1st, 1971.

With a growing demand for services, a federal grant allowed for the creation of Community Health Clinics, Inc. Terry, his wife Rosie, and several staff members soon purchased space in the Square Deal Grocery Store building, which remains the site of the original Nampa clinic.

Because of Terry’s tireless work to raise awareness of the need for access to quality health care in rural Idaho, additional Federal Qualified Health Care (FQHC) grants allowed for the creation of clinics all over Ada, Canyon, and Owyhee counties. In Terry’s honor, the name of the organization was changed to Terry Reilly Health Services. Today, the mission of Terry Reilly remains the same, operating medical, dental, and behavioral health clinics for everyone throughout the Treasure Valley.


Bob LeBow, MD, MPH (1940-2003) became the organization’s first Medical Director in 1972.  He was instrumental in expanding health and medical services from the one-room clinic in Nampa to rural clinics throughout Canyon and Owyhee counties.  Dr. LeBow was a caring physician and passionate patient advocate committed to healthcare equity.  As an author, lawmaker, and community member, he was a tireless champion for universal access to affordable care. During his time off, Bob worked as a health program consultant in more than 20 developing countries and rode his bicycle over 200,000 miles on six continents.


As a lifelong cyclist, Dr. LeBow regularly rode to the clinic, the hospital, and even to make house calls for his patients.  He suffered a catastrophic bike accident in 2002 that left him paralyzed.  To honor him, Terry Reilly Health Services established a “zero pay” fund in his name with donations from his many friends and colleagues and proceeds from his book Health Care Meltdown.  For nearly a decade, The Bob LeBow Bike Tour also raised money for the fund.

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