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Patient Feedback Groups

We’re Listening!

The best way to understand how our patients want to be treated comes from LISTENING to you!

We’re looking for patients, former patients and family members willing to share their thoughts and ideas with us. What do you need to be healthy? How can we make healthcare easier? How can we best serve your needs?  

Be our partner in a Patient Feedback Group

Why does TRHS need Patient Feedback Groups? 

We’re committed to improving the patient experience and we need hear your experiences, ideas, concerns, and opinions. We believe that hearing diverse, authentic feedback from our patients and their families will ensure we’re working on the right ways to serve you better.

What happens during a Patient Feedback Group session?

A group facilitator will help members build the comfort and trust to share their experiences and preferences when it comes to healthcare. You are the expert about what you need. We desire a genuine exchange of thoughts and ideas in a safe and confidential setting. 

How many Patient Feedback Groups will there be?

Each year we’ll form new groups to represent the diverse experiences of the people we serve.  We’re currently focusing on the topics of Hispanic and Migrant Health, Behavioral Health, and Housing Insecurity. 

What is the time commitment?  

The feedback groups will meet once every 3 months. The meetings will be 2 hours each and may be in-person or virtual. Translation and transportation assistance are available. 

How do I get involved? 

We are seeking new members for a one-year commitment (4 meetings.) To be considered for participation, simply take 3 minutes to apply.   

Apply Now!

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