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Harrison Haws



Caldwell, Cleveland Blvd- Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care, & Pharmacy



Education, Certifications, and Credentials 

B.S. Biology from Utah Valley University, 2020

D.D.S. University of the Pacific, 2023


Clinical Interests

My clinical interest lie primarily in the field of dental surgery, where I am passionate about providing comprehensive and compassionate care to my patients. I am particularly fascinated by the intricate nature of dental surgery, from diagnosing complexed dental conditions to performing intricate surgical procedures. I am driven by a desire to enhance patients’ quality of life by addressing issues such as impacted teeth and teeth with hopeless prognosis through means of extraction and replacing them with a dental prothesis. I am also passionate about humanitarian service and community outreach projects where we can improve the overall community health, one patient at a time.

About Me

I love fishing, dirt biking, spending time in the mountains and in nature with my wife. I am also a life-long Boise State Broncos Football fan to which I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to attend multiple BSU football game sin the near future.

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