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Terry Reilly Cares for Kids!

Updated: May 20

During the month of June, when you order a scoop of TRHS Birthday Bash at Stella's Ice Cream, a portion of your purchase goes towards Terry Reilly's Early Childhood Development program.

Our Early Childhood Development program begins with the health of the mother before a child is born.  In addition to supporting a healthy pregnancy, prenatal visits are a time for families to learn the importance of regular well-baby care, developmental milestones, childhood nutrition, safety and more. 

Once baby arrives, regular visits to a primary care provider ensure that physical, cognitive and social development are on track and that any challenges are addressed in the formative years before school.


The Terry Reilly Early Childhood Development Program

Well-child Checks are scheduled at regular intervals to monitor baby’s growth, any health concerns and to help identify mile markers for brain development. These visits play a crucial role in preventing future problems. When screenings indicate a delay, providers make referrals so specialty interventions can take place. 

Early Childhood Care Coordinators connect our youngest patients to developmental services when needed. They also share about other community resources that support the child and family like Head Start, WIC, how to find quality daycare, or free health fairs. Care Coordinators can also get counseling started for families with a history of trauma or coordinate specialty care when neurobehavioral differences are diagnosed. 

Paired Medical and Dental Care helps parents understand the importance of early oral health to prevent tooth decay and tooth eruption. Education begins at well-child checks and baby is referred for their first dental visit which conveniently also takes place at Terry Reilly. 

Immunizations and Preventative Care protect our children by lowering their risk for common childhood diseases, future infections, and keeps them within school vaccination requirements. 

Terry Reilly supports families as they grow.  Our goal is to have every child ready for success when they enter kindergarten. 


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